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We are not your average audio technology group

We’re a passionate bunch united by a single objective: to smash through barriers and unleash boundless creativity in the world of sound.

From bedroom beat making to uniting festival crowds, we support our customers at every step of their music journeys.


To remove barriers to creativity.

We believe technology should help, not hinder, the creative process. Every minute spent on unnecessary steps is a minute stolen from creativity. Technology can play an important role in breaking down other barriers; geographical, social and economic. Together we aim to remove them, one by one.


Enrich lives through music. This is our why.

This is our why. We believe in music as a force for good in this world. When we’re feeling low, it lifts us. When we’re consumed with mixed emotions, it channels them. When we’re after that winning edge, it drives us. Most importantly, music brings us together in a world that seems so often to be drifting apart. We believe that the more people we can inspire to make music, and the more we can bring people together to enjoy music, the better the world will be.