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Cultivating a culture of integrity

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At Focusrite we believe good corporate governance is important to our long-term success. Focusrite is committed to ensuring our robust corporate governance approach cultivates a culture of integrity that holds us accountable to the highest moral and ethical standards and preserves value for all stakeholders.

Our ambitions and core values are integral to making the Focusrite Group stronger and we demonstrate responsible and ethical business practices by adhering to our values. Focusrite’s board of directors is dedicated to responsible and effective corporate governance and oversees the company’s global business strategy. It includes three committees – the audit committee, the nomination committee and the remuneration committee. The board discusses its governance practices annually to ensure they make sense for today’s business climate and adhere to current industry requirements. ESG is reviewed by the board quarterly.

No complaints or reportable breaches related to privacy or data protection, bribery and corruption or whistleblowing occurred in FY23.

FY23 targets and achievements

Goal Objectives/Targets Progress
Drive corporate responsibility and sustainability in the business Publish an environment and climate report aligned with regulatory standards Achieved
Reinforce ethics and compliance training, setting a targeted completion rate of more than 95% In Progress
Develop long-term GHG reduction targets and a plan to achieve them. In Progress

About Focusrite’s board of directors

At year-end FY23 Focusrite had a board of 6 members, including 3 independent directors, whose leadership and diverse backgrounds bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the Focusrite Group. The directors’ combined strengths assist them as they oversee the Focusrite Group’s current and future strategy, risks, and performance with the best interests of all stakeholders at the forefront of its mind.



FocusRITE for Good

Many companies use environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to ensure they are running responsibly. The Focusrite Group is no exception. We are also putting our words into action. We are thinking long-term and invest in innovative ways to sustainably and measurably reduce the impact we have on our planet.

FocusRITE for Good is our global but local community engagement programme that serves those around us and protects the planet.

Making material progress

From managing our energy consumption to using recycled materials, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact at every stage of our manufacturing process. Across the Focusrite Group and around the globe, we are considering what ambitious, long-term environmental sustainability targets to reduce our to carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation we can set ourselves.